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Esports Innovation Without Limits!

2023 Edspaces participant, mediatechnologies, shared a plethora of useful information regarding the starting of esports programs, innovation centers and the importance of diversifying curriculums for schools to keep up with the future of school design and technology. Level Up!

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Cirrus eSports Console Wire Management
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We Know The Game

Product Demos

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Shelby Chair

The Shelby classroom chair is versitile. With multiple glide options, the interchangeability makes for a chair that fits well in many environments. Smooth round flexing back allows for an easy place to grab while a unique, tamper-proof fastener hides connection points under the seat. This chair is built to last for years.

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Elements Product Demo

What can elements do for you?


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media technologies Showroom

We are so excited to announce that our showroom is complete! We hope you have the chance to come and see it for yourself!