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The case for elements

Furniture is adaptable. The middle of the room is flexible, easily moveable, and has been for years.
The trouble is that the perimeter of the room - the walls and everything anchored to them - is static, fixed, stuck, or in other words, not easily moveable at all.

What would you think if I told you that, in addition to the ease of rearranging furniture in the middle of the room, you can change the perimeter of the room just about as easily? No, really. The wall and floor cabinets, shelves and tiles (like whiteboards and tackboards), lockers, cubbies - you can move them around within your room, or to another room, or to another building? What if I told you that, at the same time, you could lower the lifetime cost of your casegoods and tiles?

Would that blow your mind?

elements is the comprehensive, modular, flexible, reconfigurable, repurpose-able, track-mounted system that allows you to reconfigure rooms, re-using rather then replacing casework, extending the value of your casework investment. Did you get all that? If not, get this…

This is a system that makes your investment count for a long time. With elements you can start thinking of the perimeter "fixtures" as furniture. Because it IS furniture.

Every state in the union handles sales tax and prevailing wage differently for construction projects…

Example 1: In the State of Michigan, a 6% sales tax is assessed on construction side sales but not on furniture purchased directly by a school. 6% average savings

Example 2: It is Michigan law that most construction side sales are installed with prevailing wage rates. However, traditional pay scales are used if sold as loose furniture. 5-15% savings

Understanding that schools will benefit differently by state, we can see a rough average of 23% savings - and that is before you even look at the return on investment!

Here is the BIG one

If a room of traditional casegoods and visual display boards were to be reconfigured (Pshaw, that never happens, right?), there would be a littany of "re-costs" including: repairing missing flooring, repairing the wall, removing glue on the wall, repainting walls, receiving a nice big labor bill, and most likely product replacement. That's re-paying for your investment - or in essence - starting over. Why do that!?

With elements, there is little labor cost involved and NO additional costs to reconfigure your space. Extend the value of your original investment.

Watch the video!

Rearrange • Reconfigure • Relocate

Think of elements as a system of storage, work surface and tile units you can easily hangin a configuration, add-to, subtract-from, reconfigure and relocate.