mediatechnologies Products:Track Mounted Casegoods - elements and transition

Products: Track Mounted Casegoods - elements and transition

Track Mounted Casegoods - elements and transition

This is what the track looks like. You want it hidden? No problem.

The Case for Track

What's all the hub-bub about track-mounted furniture? Well, here's the story...

Mounting your casegoods, counters, desktops, tiles, etc. on track makes reconfiguring and repurposing your space simple, quick and clean. Think about it. Traditional casegoods are anchored to the wall. Removing them is a major job. There is also a good chance that your casegoods will be damaged or even destroyed as they are removed. There goes your investment.

All you need to remove and re-hang track-mounted furniture is a screw driver and a helper. Heck, if you have a lift and a screw driver, one person can move a fully loaded elements cabinet.

With track-mounted furniture you don't need to figure out what your space requirements will be in 10 years. You can change on the fly. Add or subtract, reconfigure or relocate as needed - when needed.

Track-mounted furniture typically does not have a toe. There is 6" of space between the bottom and the floor. Easy to keep the floor clean and no space for mold or mildew to form.

In new construction and renovation jobs, the casegoods can be installed after the ceiling, lighting and walls are finished and the carpet is installed. So your casegoods aren't used as step ladders and platforms for the work crews.

The best part is that you can get the most from your casegoods investment...for years...and years...and years...(you get the picture).

Cabinet hanger engaged with the track

Track Specs

Track Mounted Casegoods and Accessories