2D line art of media center and reception area
Due to the size of the space, maximizing flexibility was key.
3D rendering of media center and reception area
CET 3D Rendering of overall space, zones and flow.

Customer requirements and requests:

Centering the circulation desk in the middle of the room. Considering the desk as the origin and the space around the center as the four quadrants in which activity can happen.

  • Appropriate furniture for small children.
  • A variety of seating options
  • Reading for pleasure can be down with low, soft seating on the ground.
  • Arts and crafts and collaborating on work needs a table or desk-like space.
  • Cozy yet visible spaces for students to read.
  • Students like to be in corners and under tables to lounge.
  • Low shelving for books all around the perimeter of the room agains all walls.
  • Books should not be shelved too high for students to reach.
  • Lots of space to display new books.
  • Library should consider using stand alone bookshelves that can be moved around.

Thoughts from staff of library:

Students enjoy sitting at a technology bar of sorts on stools.
A stepped seating area for library time and casual reading when not in use for class.

Peak library use is during snack and lunch. Many students want to read quietly; others wasn't to do arts and crafts. Space should accommodate groups of students wanting to do both simultaneously.

Finish Pallet for media space and reception
Finish Pallet of the space includes coated fabrics for clean-ability, Laminate, oak veneer, powder coat, thermoplastics and PVC edge banding.

If you like the finish pallet, please reach out to [email protected] to request a sample of each.